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  1. steelheart

    BW Cup VIII - Semifinals

    go roro
  2. steelheart

    Finals The World Cup of Pokémon 2022 - Finals [Won by Team France]

    Congrats France sad for Canada to go out like that cause tb would've been fire
  3. steelheart

    The World Cup of Pokémon 2022 - Quarter Finals [TB @ post #91]

    Canada (6) vs (2) Oceania Skypenguin vs damien the genius Amukamara vs March Fires suapah vs Aberforth Bushtush vs Leavers Jytcampbell vs byronthewellwell SpookyZ vs etern Hayburner vs ninjadog Fc vs false US Northeast (5) vs (3) US South ABR vs TPP Giannis Antetokommo-o vs FMG blunder vs HSA...
  4. steelheart

    Playoffs Smogon Tour Season 33 Playoffs [Won by Empo]

    rooting for star, im sure this will be a great finals gl to both